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Prodeal consulting is a global consulting firm specializing in Business Development/Licensing and Business Mediation. We can provide extensive expertise in the following industry sectors:
Pharma, Diagnostic, Biotech, Life Sciences, Chemical and Medical Technology.

usiness Mediation is offered across all industries.
Intercompany as well as intracompany conflicts will be settled.

Prodeal consulting can help you with concrete projects or take over interim management tasks.
Under specific circumstances prodeal consulting will act as a Business Angel. 

With more than two decades of industry experience as well as a network of business, technology, science, patent and legal experts, prodeal consulting will insure that we find the best solution for your company. Contact us via the link below to learn how we can help you remove your business roadblocks. 

Your goal is already well defined and you are now looking for a professional negotiator? Your negotiations stalled and a new impetus is needed in order to close the deal? Get in contact with prodeal consulting.

You would like to get comprehensive knowledge in the field of licensing?
You are interested to get to know prodeal consulting?
Please check out our in-house seminar “Successful Licensing” that is offered at very attractive conditions.

Business Services


Prodeal consulting helps you to open up new business segments and further develop your company. Tailored to your specific needs we offer the right component from our service portfolio. Let us work together on your road to success.



Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution frequently used to avoid costly lawsuits. The neutral mediator structures the process and leads the parties all the way through the conflict resolution. The goal is a mutual agreement that is beneficial to both parties.

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prodeal consulting

Prodeal consulting was founded in 2017 by Dr. Klaus Raddatz.
Key to our success is the long standing experience of Dr. Raddatz in Business Development/Licensing, Partnering and Distribution. In addition, prodeal consulting is part of a global network that consists of experts that are outstanding specialists in their field.

Conflicts in business life can not always be avoided. However, they can be resolved in an efficient and effective manner using mediation. Don’t miss that chance. As a Certified Mediator Dr. Klaus Raddatz will guide you through the mediation process and will help you to find a solution that will lead to a mutually beneficial agreement.

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